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It might be rare to find someone who hasn’t played a game of Tetris in their life, as it’s one of the most popular and most addictive games on the market. The game seems simple, as it involves squares and rectangles that need to be fit together in a line, but it’s actually more challenging than many people realize. It’s also one of the most widely purchased games on the market and even offers some variations and updates for those who need a little variety.

Consider why the game is so addictive and what makes it so popular with experienced gamers and those who are looking just for a simple distraction.

Tetris - Unique Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle involves putting together pieces that are meant to fit; you don’t have choices and options when you pair up pieces in this type of puzzle. You must find the exact match for each piece, and while this is very challenging, it doesn’t leave you any chance to be creative. You can’t spin or move around any jigsaw puzzle pieces to make them fit, but simply need to keep searching.

Tetris Tetramino Shapes | Tetris Game

In a Tetris game, you have many options for how to get pieces to fit together, and this is part of the challenge and part of the fun. The pieces are meant to be spun around so that each segment can find a spot in another segment, but of course you need to do this spinning before the board fills up! It’s creative but you also have a need for speed with Tetris.

Tetris - Play for Free!

The game may also be addictive because it’s virtually unlimited. Each new board has a new challenge but you can continue playing as long as you clear the board. Not every version of the game has unlimited play but you may find that each level is so challenging that you can’t even reach the next board.

This is why so many are able to offer free Tetris, as even a few simple levels can keep you entertained for hours. As you try to move around the pieces and figure where each one will fit, you keep time with the new pieces that are piling up. A free game can be enough for most enthusiasts. Keep this in mind when you’re ready to play a game that is challenging, unique, and lots of fun!

Begin the challenge and enjoy an exciting game of Tetris!!!